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“Our store has been through gale-force winds, torrential rains and temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. We haven't experienced any problems. The structural integrity of this building speaks for itself. You would never know this building started out as a huge down-home country pole barn.”          



Linda Scott, Owner of Kindred Spirits Craft Mall

“Bottom line, post frame brought this project in way under other options priced, and for a school this is welcome news to the community. This project included large windows that grant plenty of good view and OSB flooring for durability and ease of care. Double bubble insulation keeps it comfortable. We were impressed with the flexibility of post frame. That allowed this unique project to be a success and produce a facility to be proud of." 



Richard Spindler, Superintendent, Berne Union

“Post frame construction provided the ability to enhance our building in several ways. It allowed for deep wall thickness for superior insulation factor. Clear span capabilities provided the open space desired  in our dining area, allowing flexibility in seating arrangements, larger parties, etc. and clear view of big screen tv's. I also had a specific look that we wanted to obtain for the interior and exterior of the facility and post frame made that easily possible without extra construction cost.”



Lloyd Helber, Commercial Properties, Lancaster

“We felt that this was the best business decision that we could make both in terms of accomplishing what we needed and keeping our cost in line. The Eversole Builders group did an excellent job in coming up with a working set of drawings and completing the job. Though small design changes were made along the way the project came together in a timely fashion.”

Lancaster West Side Coal, Co., Inc.

“On the design and construction, Eversole's were able to do some really cool stuff to get the feeling and function I wanted. We vaulted ceilings, made neat nooks and crannies, created work, showroom and living spaces that I could not be happier with. Brian Bauer, Project Manager, is no doubt the most helpful, thorough, co-operative, quality guy one could even imagine. His crew was polite, professional and always ready to answer any question.”

Dean DeRolph, Owner, Kumler Collision and Automotive

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“The hydro swing door recommended by Steve, provided perfectly the space I needed for access to the building without taking up room with bulky overhead or track doors. It is both a unique and indispensable feature of the building and I can't imagine working around the building without it.”


Dick Brenner​, Farm Shop, Canal Winchester

“We are very glad we went with post frame construction as it met our needs exactly without excessive cost. Steve led us through the permit process and everything was handled professionally. We are very satisfied with our finished product and look forward to many years of enjoying this space as it is built solid and for the long haul.”


David Tuller, Greencastle Bible Church

“We feel that this project ran very smoothly, even though the weather was not very cooperative from the start. I think that the most used word that we hear when we are taking customers on a tour of our facility is, 'WOW!'”


Douglas A. Cronin, President, NFocus Consulting Inc.

“ Steve also supplied a steel foundation post bracket that he set in the poured concrete foundation. This is one of the best details we have seen in the pole barn industry. This will provide a long life span to the barn and allow for great uplift strength. We would recommend Stave and his crew for any style or size of project. He is a pleasure to work with.”


Mark Randolph, Bethan Sampson Dietz Project Engineer, Columbus

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