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"We are experienced 'crafters' and found after many years of making our products and traveling many miles to attend shows to sell our products, that is was time to take our future in our hands and design a central store for ourselves and other like crafters to sell our wares. Our concept was simple, build a big open building (we wanted a barn theme), set up craft booths to rent out to crafters and sell these products for other crafters.


The first step was to research what type of structure we wanted. This was easy. Going to a craft show in  Tarlton, OH one cold wintry November morning, we saw a beautiful pole barn building that was actually a horse barn. We talked to the owners and contacted the builder, Eversole Builders in Lancaster, OH.


We needed a structure  without a sub-grade foundation; that was totally open on the inside and could accommodate approximately 200 different rental booths.


We now have the perfect building that exactly suits our needs. The structure is 110' x 70'. The ground floor is approximately 7700 sq ft plus we have a 2000 sq ft mezzanine that runs the entire length of the building. The open beams add a rustic look and fits in very well with our intended theme. There are eight large windows in the mezzanine plus another twelve (same height) around the interior of the building, allowing for lots of light. The front of the building has double cross back doors with a glass window on each side. To keep with the esthetics of the building, EB created large "faux" cross buck windows to balance the look. Add a small country porch on the front and we had a beautiful, elegant, Urban Barn.


Our store has been through gale force winds, torrential rains and temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. We haven't experienced any problems. The structural integrity of this building speaks for itself. You would never know this building started out as a huge down-home country pole barn. 


All of our customers rant and rave about the beauty and versatility of this structure. It could easily be turned into a restaurant, offices, any type of retail store, or even a spa and salon. The exterior design of the building is only over-shadowed by the quaint elegance and attention to detail on the inside. 

We are truly please with the construction and versatility of this building. If we expand into other areas, this type of structure would be our first choice."

- Linda Scott, Owner, Kindred Spirits Craft Mall

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"In the beginning of 2008, Berne Union Local Schools began the search for a contractor for the construction of a new concession stand and press box for the athletic field.


Keeping in mind our budget and knowing post frame is competitive economically, we approached Eversole Builders for discussion of our project. In discussion we found post frame to be flexible, economical and provide a durable and attractive finished product. The concession stand meets and exceeds our needs and has added an attractive building to our facility. We are equally satisfied with our press box. Special concerns included fitting it to the bleachers and, of course, safety. Post frame worked out very well taking care of these concerns. It is a facility to be proud of. Bottom line, post frame brought this project in way under other options priced, and for a school this is welcome news to the community. This project included large windows that grant plenty of good view and OSB flooring for durability and ease of care. Double bubble insulation keeps it comfortable. We were impressed with the flexibility of post frame. That allowed this unique project to be a success and produce a facility to be proud of. 


We would recommend post frame, most definitely, to other institutions watching their budget and trying to fit a particular or unique need."

 - Richard Spindler, Superintendent, Berne Union

"After operating our Stephens ''Thoroughbred Portable Concrete Plant' for several seasons, the decision was made to winterize this facility so that it could be utilized on a year round basis. At the time of its original purchase and instillation it was used primarily from April through November to supplement an older batch plant that operated year round. After running the new plant for less than one year, it was apparent that its speed, accuracy and efficiency would soon make it the core of our concrete batch operation and full time use would soon be needed.


Deciding how to physically enclose this unusual looking skeletal structure created an immediate dilemma. First of all, there were no blue prints of any kind to go by. There were however, a lot of aberrant structural angles and the need for some unusual openings for conveyors, both fixed and relocating. Clearly, it was a head scratchier right off the bat. Although we did visit several competitors plants to see what ideas they had come up with , in the end it was a 'shoot from the hip, build and design as you go' project. Secondly, we had to decide what material would best adapt to the plant's framing structure. The plant, when in operation, is in a constant state of movement and vibration. We had to ask ourselves if the new enclosure would have to be totally detached from the plant of if we could build with some connective points. Whatever material and structural design we were to come up with, it was critical that the building be capable of being fit with a tight insulation package and an infrared heating system which would facilitate keeping gates and water lines from freezing as well as transfer much of the heat energy to the base of the aggregate bins.


After reviewing our construction options, we decided to move forward with a local pole and post builder. Our decision to go in this direction, as opposed to a masonry or metal building system, was that we felt the wood-metal combination would give us the needed flexibility to successfully tie certain parts of the new building to the batch plant and yet negate some of the effects of the plants inherent vibration. We felt that this was the best business decision that we could make both in terms of accomplishing what we needed and keeping our cost in line. The Eversole Builders group did an excellent job in coming up with a working set of drawings and completing the job. Though small design changes were made along the way the project came together in a timely fashion.


We have now entered our winter pouring season and the plant has been working every day. We have made several inspections of the structure and it has adapted well to the movements of the plant. The heating and insulation of the plant have worked well and we feel we will be able to batch concrete even in near zero temperature."

- Lancaster West Side Coal, Co., Inc.

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"I hired Eversole Builders to construct a 72' x 90' x 18' post frame building on my property for the purpose of providing a new farm shop and office space.


I chose post frame because it is financially competitive and allows for the clear span and height area I desired in a shop building. Post frame also allowed for flexibility of design. I wanted to be able to design the building to suit my individual needs and not have to follow some set plan.


The hydro swing door recommended by Steve, provided perfectly the space I needed for access to the building without taking up room with bulky overhead or track doors. It is both a unique and indispensable feature of the building and I can't imagine working around the building without it. Also, the radiant floor heat was another wise investment, as it will allow for comfortable working conditions year round. The building is insulated and holds the heat produced by the floor, making the work area comfortable. I feel this is a very efficient solution and I can add energy savings to my list. With the 8' high interior plywood liner to protect the building from damage and the exterior and roof  finished in 29ga. steel, I feel this building will be low maintenance and provide me with may years of uncomplicated , low expense service."

- Dick Brenner​, Farm Shop, Canal Winchester

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"In the interest of developing a strong church community, the congregation of Green Castle Bible Church began considering ways to encourage the members to gather in fellowship. It was decided that an ideal solution would be an addition to the church to provide space for the opportunity to gather for recreation and other activities. Many types of construction were considered and post frame came forward as an economical and versatile method of construction. Eversole Builders is the local post frame company and word of mouth said they were the company to use.


Post frame construction provided the ability to enhance our building in several ways. It allowed for deep wall thickness for superior insulation factor. Clear span capabilities provided the open space desired in our recreation area, allowing plenty of space for volleyball, or flexible seating area for other special events. The church also has a specific look that we wanted to obtain for the interior and exterior of the addition and post frame made that easily possible without extra construction cost. It was a definite must to match up the existing exterior covering as to enhance the look of our church and not detract from its value. Post frame versatility allowed for that and we are very pleased with the final overall appearance.


We are very glad we went with post frame construction as it met our needs exactly without excessive cost. Steve led us through the permit process and everything was handled professionally. We are very satisfied with our finished product and look forward to many years of enjoying this space as it is built solid and for the long haul."

- David Tuller​, Greencastle Bible Church

"After successfully opening a pizza restaurant in the early part of 2007, I made a decision to open a second location. We went out to bid for many types of construction and once again found post frame construction to the be the most competitive. Another bonus was since the initial pizza shop was post frame we had a good feel for what was possible and what to expect in time frame. With cost, efficiency and experience with the first store on our side, Eversole Builders was contracted to begin construction.


Post frame construction provided the ability to enhance our building in several ways. It allowed for deep wall thickness for superior insulation factor. Clear span capabilities provided the open space desired  in our dining area, allowing flexibility in seating arrangements, larger parties, etc. and clear view of big screen tv's. I also had a specific look that we wanted to obtain for the interior and exterior of the facility and post frame made that easily possible without extra construction cost. A drive-thru window has accommodated the pick up business wonderfully and allowed for smoother traffic flow inside and out of the restaurant. 


The shop has opened with great success and the building is handling the activity well and it is already apparent that maintenance will be kept to a minimum due to the construction and material choice. I am thoroughly pleased with the final product and would not hesitate again to use post frame construction in any further business endeavors."

- Lloyd Helber​, Commercial Properties, Lancaster 

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"It is with pleasure that I write concerning my experience with Eversole Builders with the recent completion of my "garage mahal", as my wife refers to it.


I am a classic car/motorcycle builder and collector, so I had some rather unusual ideas for the garage of my dreams. After firming up what I was looking for, the project was quoted by a reputable local builder, whom I had used before in home construction.


The price scared me, but even more importantly, I was not totally confident that the builder had a real grasp of the feeling and functionality of what I wanted. Then I decided to contact Eversole's, having known of them and their well known reputation for post frame construction buildings.


After sitting down with Steve Eversole, with my own rough drawings, the ideas and enthusiasm started to grow. Steve pulled Matt Bounds, his CAD guy in on the deal. They started to put my ideas on paper and boy did it take off from there.


This was my first experience with post frame construction, and I am nothing but impressed. The building was considerably more economical to build, and at the same time we were able to do some very unique things, all the while with no sacrifice in quality. In fact, after seeing what went in to the building, my wife and I tease  that if there was a major storm, we're going to the garage!


On the design and construction, Eversole's were able to do some really cool stuff to get the feeling and function I wanted. We vaulted ceilings, made neat nooks and crannies, created work, showroom and living spaces that I could not be happier with. Brian Bauer, Project Manager, is no doubt the most helpful, thorough, co-operative, quality guy one could even imagine. His crew was polite, professional and always ready to answer any question.


Having built a couple new houses, garages and  commercial buildings in the past, I expected quality, but also expected some frustrations. Man, the frustration part just did not happen.


Steve Eversole has certainly built a quality company of quality people. He and Brian pulled the craftsmen together for us. I have thought over and over, could I be happier with this building and the service I got? I never come up with an answer ... just a smile on my face.


I guess it's obvious that I am thrilled with the "garage mahal" and the service of Eversole Builders. I have and will continue to recommend and compliment them to others. My wife Cathie and I are really enjoying the addition to our property. This is the garage of my dreams."

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- Dean DeRolph, Owner, Kumler Collision and Automotive

"This year we had Eversole Builders, Inc. build a 60' x 144' two story addition to our existing building. The purpose was to enlarge our data center and allow for more office space to alleviate our already cramped quarters.


The building construction allows for future expansion into the second story for offices. It is attached to the existing building using a glass-enclosed atrium/stairway and the Data Center is completely secured by computer monitored hand readers and digital surveillance cameras. The shipping area has a mezzanine above for additional storage that we need access to periodically. The building also includes offices, conference rooms, a work out room and showers for our employees. The Data Center was also constructed using raised flooring, which makes the heating and cooling much more flexible.


We feel that this project ran very smoothly, even though the weather was not very cooperative from the start. I think that the most used word that we hear when we are taking customers on a tour of our facility is, "WOW"!


In this competitive society we needed a building that was cost effective to build as well as operate, that looks attractive and presents a professional image to our customers, that will be flexible enough to meet our current, as well as future needs, and will last for a long time. We chose post frame building construction with the original building and were satisfied with the way it worked in our first application. We returned to that construction to build the addition because of the combination of things listed above."

- Douglas A. Cronin, President, NFocus Consulting Inc.

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This letter is in regard to the barn built at The Farms in New Albany. The barn was designed by Behal Sampson Dietz and built in coordination with Behal Sampson Dietz and Eversole Builders. Steve Eversole was very helpful in supplying materials, labor, and advice to complete the finished product.


Items of note that we were impressed with is the standing seam roofing, installation of the cupola, and the white steel siding installed inside the barn main space. Steve also supplied a steel foundation post bracket that he set in the poured concrete foundation. This is one of the best details we have seen in the pole barn industry. This will provide a long life span to the barn and allow for great uplift strength. We would recommend Stave and his crew for any style or size of project. He is a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Randolph, Bethan Sampson Dietz Project Engineer, Columbus

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