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Established in 1983 and located in Lancaster, Ohio in Fairfield County. 

Post-Frame Building

Eversole Builders is a complete design/build post-frame building company that has several national award winning buildings in Fairfield County.  When the company first started in the post frame business, the majority of its projects were in residential and various types of agricultural buildings. As the county grew, the company expanded to include commercial, office and retail, and institutional buildings, such as churches and buildings for schools. 


We stock much of our own building materials. This allows us to have better quality control as well as buy wholesale and pass savings on to our customers.  Eversole Builders is fully insured and building plans are designed with current knowledge of building codes and permit requirements to alleviate the hassle of making sure all the necessary paperwork is handled and processed properly.


The company is headed by President, and founder, Steve Eversole and assisted by knowledgeable staff and crew that have years of experience in the post frame industry.  Eversole Builders’ extensive and varied building history guarantee a quality building built to suit the individual’s needs.  

About Post-Frame

Buildings using post frame construction have been in use since 1900.  They are flexible in design, economic in erection, extremely durable, and the clean lines and versatility in exterior finish make them appealing to the eye. 


Eversole Builders uses nail-lam or solid sawn structural framing columns, metal plate connected trusses, 2x4 or 2x6 purlins and wall girts.  Perma-Columns, which combine the economy of post frame with the durability of concrete foundations, are another option.  Eversole Builders are experienced in handling a variety of different style trusses to achieve a particular need in roof line or overhead space.  Post frame buildings can be insulated in a variety of ways and Eversole Builders is knowledgeable of many new insulations available that can be applied to post frame construction to create a very energy efficient building. 

The framing can be covered in many ways.  Traditionally, post frame is known for the use of steel siding and roof.  Eversole Builders offers a 29 gauge painted steel for roof and/or siding in a choice of 18 colors and a 30 year warranty.  Very  often individuals are choosing to finish their buildings in other materials such as brick, vinyl siding, to match existing house or building, cedar siding, or stucco.  Shingles can be applied to the roof as well as the very popular standing seam steel roofing that gives a unique look and provides years of maintenance free performance. 

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