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Agricultur Building





One of Eversole Builders strengths is the ability to take a customers ideas and needs and create the building to match those criteria.  Eversole Builders regularly researches new products and uses those that are proven to increase value, strength and convenience as well as hold down initial and long term costs.  

Design Driven
Built to Last

We believe Post-Frame opens doors for flexibility with keeping cost effective strength.   

From our Project Manager to our CAD Engineer, we will see the building through start to finish.

Economical doesn't mean fragile.  Our Post-Frame buildings are constructed with quality to last.


“We felt that this was the best business decision that we could make both in terms of accomplishing what we needed and keeping our cost in line. The Eversole Builders group did an excellent job in coming up with a working set of drawings and completing the job.”

Lancaster West Side Coal, Co., Inc.

We are very glad we went with post frame construction as it met our needs exactly without excessive cost. Steve led us through the permit process and everything was handled professionally. We are very satisfied with our finished product and look forward to many years of enjoying this space as it is built solid and for the long haul.”​   


David Tuller, Greencastle Bible Church

We feel that this project ran very smoothly, even though the weather was not very cooperative from the start. I think that the most used word that we hear when we are taking customers on a tour of our facility is, 'WOW!'

Douglas A. Cronin
, President, NFocus Consulting Inc.

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